Lilly Knight and the Three Cities of Lust follows the Erotic Exploits of a beautiful Peasant Girl named Lilly, who is chosen by the Goddess of Lust to free the world from evil, using her vast sexual talents and carnal experience. It is a third person adventure game filled with gorgeous environments, humorous encounters and numerous interactive sexual experiences where you control the action.

Lilly Knight is a game of Epic Erotic Scale like nothing you have ever experienced before, featuring high definition visuals and effects, and hours of titillating gameplay.


Lilly Knight is an Erotic adventure game on a grand scale, featuring:

  • Turn-based RPG style combat between Lilly and the vast army of demons that have taken over her world.
  • Numerous erotic challenges and encounters requiring Lilly to use her vast array of sexual skills.
  • Ten levels of adventure and erotic excitement spanning three very unique cities within the world of Elustra.
  • Hidden treasure spread throughout the cities that provide the inspiration for Lilly's final climactic scenes.
  • Titillating and exciting scenes and encounters designed by a professional author of erotica.
  • Full English voice-over by a number of talented professional Voice Actresses and Actors including hours of voice content by the amazingly talented and always sexy Mia Sloane as Lilly.
  • Hours of gameplay that is guaranteed to be sexy, funny and fun throughout.


On her adventure, Lilly "interacts" with dozens of interesting characters from common villagers and farmers to the Princes and Princesses of the three cities.


The hero of our story is a peasant girl who's simple life includes planting flowers and finding new and interesting ways to achieve orgasm. When the world needs a hero to take on a vast number of Lewd and Lusty challenges, she is the obvious choice.


Goddess of Lust

The Goddess of Passion and Lust guides Lilly on her journey, giving her support and advice along the way. Though she hesitates to admit it, she does enjoy being a spectator to Lilly's numerous sexual escapades.

Lola the Armorsmith

Lola is the lusty-and-quirky armorsmith who creates the beautiful and increasingly-revealing armor that protects Lilly on her journey. Lola has a bit of a crush on Lilly, and is always willing to provide her services free of charge, in exchange for some naughty favors.


Ned, Zed and Ted

Three cousins who teach Lilly the "special erotic moves" that increase her prowess in battle. They are more than willing to watch Lilly practice her special skills over and over again, to ensure that they are truly "effective".